Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Crime of the Century:

Ten Things Anyone Can Find Out About You

You don't have to have a bad past to become an innocent victim of identity theft. Right now, criminals are creatively looking at and looking for untraceable ways to steal your identity.

Sometimes, we and others unwittingly help them.

How many of the following situations on this list set you up as an unwitting victim?

  1. Your current and previous mailing/living address. (from the US Postal Services and credit bureaus)

  2. Any criminal convictions (from court records)

  3. Whether you have a professional license (from licensing agencies)

  4. Whether you have filed lawsuits or have been a defendant in a lawsuit (from court records)

  5. if you've had speeding tickets, drunken driving convictions, or other black marks on your driving record (from driver's license bureaus)

  6. What boats, cars, planes, and trucks you own (from state motor vehicle records)

  7. Whether you have filed for bankruptcy or had liens placed against your property (from court records)

  8. What you have pledged as collateral for bank loans (from Universal Commercial Code filings, usually in county recorders' offices)

  9. What pieces of real estate you own and how much you paid (from county tax records)

  10. Whether there is a warrant out for your arrest (from court records and police agencies)

Thieves don't need skeleton keys and crow bars
to steal from you any more.

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