Thursday, February 02, 2006

What You Can Do to Promote a Culture of Security: Some Business Outreach Suggestions

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What You Can Do: Some Business Outreach Suggestions:

  • Post a link to on your website.
  • Dewie the Turtle

  • Include FTC information security publications or your own information security messages in your product packaging, shopping bags, or receipts.

  • Include FTC publications or your own materials as a statement stuffer; or reprint the tips on billing or account

  • Give FTC publications to new customers. The FTC’s Office of Consumer and Business Education can provide publications that you can reprint with your organization’s name and logo.

  • Share the materials with your public affairs staff. Ask for their ideas on getting the word out to the media and your partners, clients and employees. If you are willing to be interviewed by the media on the topic, let them know.

  • Make publications available at expo, conference and trade show booths.

  • Reproduce the materials on our website and share them with others at professional conferences and meetings throughout the year.

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