Saturday, January 21, 2006 Fights the Scammers on Our Behalf

" is a public educational website maintained by Financial and Tax Fraud Education Associates, Inc., a California non-profit company that has received a Determination by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service that it qualifies as a § 501(c)(3) exempt organization.

Quatloos! covers a wide variety of financial scams, including wacky “prime bank” frauds supposedly involving $100 Billion dollars investments that you can buy for a mere $100, exotic foreign currency scams claiming 80% per week returns, and many forms of offshore investment frauds. Quatloos! also warns about many types of tax scams, including claims that payments to the IRS are voluntary or that the income tax is unconstitutional, to “Pure Trust” structures that purport to be financial black holes but in reality will win you an extended stay at Club Fed.

Along the way, Quatloos! keeps readers’ attention by collecting some of the funniest scams around, such as non-existent countries and financial programs that are guaranteed by space aliens from the far reaches of the galaxy, as well as would-be victims’ responses to the scam artists’ offers - such as the Brad Christiansen Exhibit where Brad leads Nigerian scam artists on wild goose chases around the globe to try to collect his money.

Funny though these scams are, the sad truth is that many persons – including otherwise well-educated professionals and experienced businessmen – annually lose tens and hundreds of millions of dollars to these scams. By raising the public’s awareness about these scams, and providing a valuable on-line resource where potential victims can read up on frauds and fraud artists quickly, Quatloos! has saved would-be crime victims well over $100 million dollars over the last five years and probably much more than that.

Quatloos! is the brainchild of Jay D. Adkisson, an attorney and stockbroker who is also known as one of the best asset protection planners in the U.S. and a regular speaker on asset protection to the American Bar Association and other prestigious groups. Mr. Adkisson’s experiences in law and finance - and in the peculiarities of offshore planning - combined with his dry but infinite sense of humor gave him the vision to prevent fraud through mass education embodied in deep cynicism and priceless parody instead of simply trying to stop and punish individual scam artists after the scam had already gone down. Although Mr. Adkisson continues to follow and occasionally edit materials posted on the Quatloos! site, his focus remains on his widely-read Riser Adkisson website and newsletter, at and other business interests.

The Quatloos! site has now run well past its original intent of simply poking fun at scams and their perpetrators. Now, people worldwide send information to Quatloos! and in many ways it has become a clearinghouse for information on the latest scams. Additionally, many law enforcement agencies have requested the use of Quatloos! materials for law enforcement and training materials, and Quatloos! materials are now being included in many books and articles written about scams.

Finally, you may wonder from whence the name Quatloos! derives. Frankly, we don't know. Many readers have sent us e-mail telling us that the word was first used on the old Star Trek © sci-fi series ("I'll wager 200 Quatloos! on the newcomer!"). Others have told us that the term was used before that episode, but was merely picked up by the writers.

Whatever the case, the term Quatloos! has come to denote a fictional currency, having no real value whatsoever -- which is exactly what you should use to pay the scam artists who may pitch to you some of these weird schemes.

We hope that you truly enjoy our site."

~ Quatloos! Staff

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