Thursday, February 09, 2006

Criminals Are More Creative and Brazen in Stealing Identities

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Identity Theft In The Valley
(CBS 5 News)-- 1/21/06

Criminals may be getting more creative and more brazen in how they try to steal people's identities.

Saturday, a new way they are trying to become someone else.

For anyone who has a post office box, this story should serve as a warning. You could be the victim of ID theft.

Scottsdale Police say 26-year-old Joshua Todd and 23-year-old Kyle McClellan are behind bars for ID theft. Investigators say they had a mail box, and would reach through their box grabbing not only their own mail, but putting their arm all the way through, taking other people's mail in adjacent boxes.

Police said the two then altered the stolen mail and made fake credit cards. They were arrested at a Kinko's where detectives said they were altering some mail. Police also located a fraudulently purchased laptop and arrested 26-year-old Carlos Cortez.

Police said both Todd and McClellan are known by authorities for fraud-related crimes. All three were also found with drugs.

More than twenty victims have been identified, and the losses are in the thousands of dollars.

Police recommend that anyone who suspects they've been the victim of ID theft to get a credit check.

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