Saturday, December 31, 2005

Attorney Mari J. Frank, Esq., Identity Theft Expert Extraordinaire

As we close out this stressful year, it is my hope and prayer that you will pay more attention to the protection of your identity.

Here's a website that I strongly encourage you to bookmark and refer to frequently because I consider it an encyclopedia on the topic.

Allow me to introduce you to Attorney Mari J. Frank, Esq., Identity Theft Expert Extraordinaire:

    "Ms. Mari Frank knows firsthand as an attorney, sheriff reserve, and former identity theft victim, what it takes to protect your personal information, and how to successfully restore your identity if it is stolen. Her testimony, educational programs, and her books have been invaluable to victims and policymakers alike."
    -- U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein

As a former victim of identity theft herself, Mari J. Frank, Esq. vigorously researched the issues of privacy and identity theft. Mari has served as an expert witness and mediator on several identity theft and privacy cases. As a practicing attorney/mediator and former litigator, Attorney Frank is familiar with the process of trial, however presently she limits her practice to negotiation, mediation services, consulting, and training.

Additionally, Attorney Frank, a certified trainer for the State Bar of California for Continuing Legal Education for attorneys, has been a law professor and has taught at several colleges and Universities as an adjunct professor. A great deal of her time is spent on privacy and identity theft issues helping victims, companies, governmental agencies and law enforcement across the nation.

Attorney Frank is author of several publications:

  • Identity Theft Survival Kit (Porpoise Press, Inc.1998, 2000),

  • Identity Theft Prevention and Survival, the audiocassette series

  • From Victim to Victor: A Step by Step Guide for Ending the Nightmare of Identity Theft With CD (the book by Porpoise Press,)

  • Privacy Piracy (booklet by Office Depot, 1999).

Attorney Frank has also written a chapter in Protection Security, and Safeguard (CRC, 2000), the Introduction for Consumer Financial Privacy (LRP Publications) and a chapter in the 2003 State Bar of California Business Section Book.

If that were not enough, Attorney Frank is also the author of another new book, Safeguard Your Identity: Protect Yourself with a Personal Privacy Audit (Porpoise Press 2005) released in 2004 with the new edition of From Victim To Victor with CD as pledges for the PBS Television program Attorney Frank hosted entitled, Identity Theft: Protecting Yourself In the Information Age.

Attorney Frank has provided oral and written testimony and has published many articles regarding privacy and identity theft issues.

On Attorney Frank's website, under the linking of Resources, you will find every resource to include:
  • Check-Verification/Check-Guarantee Firms

  • Identity Theft and Privacy Protection

  • Privacy Resources & Organizations

  • Crediting-reporting Bureaus

  • Privacy Newsletters

  • Legal Resources

  • Data Compilers
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