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Phishing and Crimeware Map of Related Related Websites

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The Phishing and Crimeware map displays the most recent data collected by Websense Security Labs (WS Labs) and provides a historical look into where Phishing and Crimeware related websites are hosted on the Internet. Upon discovery, each site is looked up via its IP Address to track the country of origin through the appropriate IP registrars and plotted on the map. The data is updated approximately 15 minutes after discovery.

What is Project: Crimeware? Starting in June of 2005 Websense Security Labs, in conjunction with the AntiPhishing Working Group, started Project: Crimeware. Below is a description of the project from the June AntiPhishing Working Group monthly report. The Crimeware map plots the countries where the websites are hosting malicious code as it pertains to Crimeware.

Since early 2004, the APWG has been observing technical advances worldwide in the way that criminals are attacking unsuspecting users in order to steal consumer information. Although phishing with social engineering lure emails and counterfeit websites is the most prominent phishing technique, there is a rise in alternative methods to co-opt consumers’ online credentials or gain control of their accounts without using direct deception. (The APWG notes that in Brazil, the archetypical phishing approach is actually a blended social engineering and technical subterfuge attack, driving a general population to generic entertainment sites in order to plant key loggers, techniques manifestly more potent than pure social engineering schemes when you examine the alleged phishers’ takings reported during police arrests there over the past year - upwards of tens of millions each time.)

Automated systems based on trojaning schemes and session hikacking systems have reported worldwide over the past 18 months in a trend of development that has surged markedly over the past 3 months, supporting the APWG’s view that automated phishing systems are the way of the future worldwide for this criminal enterprise.

It is the APWG’s belief that phishers will, over time, adopt more automated attack systems based on technical subterfuge to supplement social engineering schemes - or replace them. To remain relevant in its data reporting, the APWG initiated PROJECT: Crimeware, a program of collaborative research designed to capture, record and characterize incidents that are new and emerging in order for the APWG to include them in the monthly report and, possibly, other reports that specifically address the threats posed by crimeware.

What is crimeware? The APWG defines it as a genus of technology distinguished from adware, spyware, and malware by the fact that it is, by design, developed for the single purpose of animating a financial or business crime.

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